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After-sales service

The company has always regarded quality as its own life and integrity as the soul of the enterprise. Based on the tenet of "providing the best products and serving customers wholeheartedly", we solemnly make the following:


1. Use the information platform and customers to further improve and collude with the drawing design to ensure error-free construction and strictly follow the drawings

2. Provide a complete set of detailed operating instructions, maintenance manuals and other related documents, and do not conceal technical details related to maintenance.

3. The wearing parts are guaranteed for three months, and other parts are guaranteed for half a year. (Wire rope is not covered by the warranty)

4. During the quality guarantee period, once the product fails, we guarantee to provide related technical services and maintenance free of charge.

5. Regularly visit users to understand the usage of the product and ensure the normal operation of the product and equipment.

6. Rich experience and perfect after-sales service system, providing free consultation and technical assistance to eliminate customers' worries!

7. After the contract is established, the factory will establish after-sales service files in the shortest time and receive the service requirements of users at any time.

8. The service personnel treat users kindly and standardize service. You must patiently answer and explain to user questions


20 years of tower crane brand to create higher quality design, production, sales, after-sales and other full service

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