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Development History

"Huiyou Construction Machinery" was established on February 7, 2002

       Obtained "Special Equipment Manufacturing License" issued by AQSIQ in 2003

       At the end of 2004, the company planned to expand a new manufacturing area with a total area of more than 30,000 square meters;

       In 2005, the company moved to the Zheshan Industrial Park Manufacturing New District as a whole;

       In 2006, the company joined the Shandong Construction Machinery Industry Association, and the products passed the Shandong Provincial Construction Department for the record;

       In 2007, the special equipment manufacturing license tower crane was upgraded to Class B qualification, and the Class B qualification for special equipment installation, renovation and maintenance was obtained;

       In 2008, it was awarded the "Contract-abiding and Credit-respecting Enterprise" certificate issued by the Jinan Administration for Industry and Commerce

       In June 2008, it obtained independent import and export rights for international trade;

       Successfully developed the boom D125 tower crane in December 2008

       Obtained "CE" certification in 2009

       In 2010, obtained the "HYCM" brand trademark issued by the National Trademark Office

       Successfully developed P125 flat-top tower crane in 2010

       July 2010 "Huiyou" Tangshan Leasing Company was established

       In July 2011, the company set up a land of 50,000 square meters at No. 5181, Shuangshan North Road, Zhangqiu Economic Development Zone, and the "Huiyou" tower crane manufacturing plant was established.

       In 2011, he was elected as the vice president unit of the first Zhangqiu Tower Machine Association.

       In November 2011, experts from the State General Administration of Special Equipment Inspection and Quarantine passed the on-site appraisal and review of our company's second manufacturing plant "Lifting Machinery Manufacturing, Increasing Manufacturing Site Class A License".

       In December 2011, the company's second factory successfully developed P5515, P5210, P5010 three models of flat-head tower crane

       In June 2012, the company invested heavily to establish a fully automatic spray shop

       In August 2012, the company successfully passed the production base of high-quality products of tower cranes in Shandong Province

       In October 2012, the company successfully developed QTZ80 internal tower climbing machine

       In November 2012, the company obtained the "Huiyou HYCM" brand trademark issued by the State Trademark Office

       In December 2012, the company successfully developed the aerial work basket ZLP630

       In April 2013, "Huiyou Construction Machinery" Xi'an Branch was established

       In April 2013, successfully developed the walking flat-head 125 tower crane

       On January 22, 2014, "Huiyou Construction Machinery" established a charity foundation

       In August 2014, the company obtained the "tower leasing" license at the Jinan Engineering Quality and Safety Production Supervision Station

       In November 2015, the company successfully developed QTP7532 large flat-top tower crane

       In June 2016, the company developed QTZ80 (6012) tower crane

       In February 2017, Huiyou Construction Machinery obtained the qualification of "Class II Enterprise in Work Safety Standardization"

       The first road and bridge equipment of Huiyou Construction Machinery was successfully rolled out in March 2017

       In May 2017, Huiyou Construction Machinery QTP7427 flat-top tower crane passed the on-site identification and review


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